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Virtual Skincare Consultations Now Available! 

1. Consult

2. Treat

3. Repeat

Your CoolJourney begins with a CoolSculpting Consultation with your CoolSculpting Specialist. They  will assess your areas of concern to determine if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, take photos and health information, and design a personalized treatment plan for you to follow.

After prepping you for the procedure, your CoolSculpting Specialist will begin the fat freezing process with CoolSculpting Elite technology. 
We are able to treat two areas at the same time with CoolSculpting Elite, saving you time and allowing you to reach your body goals faster. Since CoolSculpting® Elite has little to no downtime, you can go back to your busy day after treatment!

It takes TWO sessions for full completion.
After your second session, our patients have seen up to a 73% greater reduction in the treated areas!
Our Patient Concierge will coordinate both sessions as well as your follow ups at your initial consultation, making it easy to fit your treatment plan into your busy schedule.

Developing and maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle will enhance your CoolSculpting results. That's why we partnered with the Health Coaches at MQT Nutrition.

From health coaching to meal prep services, dietary supplements, and healthy grab and go meals and smoothies, juice cleanses, and more,  we work with MQT Nutrition to help equip you with the tools you can utilize every day to fuel your CoolJourney.

Book your free CoolSculpting Consultation today!

We set you up for success with our exclusive partnership with MQT Nutrition!

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